Ivan Majic


I have a background in Geodesy and Geoinformatics and am obtaining a PhD in Geomatics from The University of Melbourne. In my research, I specialise in Spatial Data Quality and Topological relations. My reserach has been published in renowned journals in the fields of GIScience, Spatial Databases, Positioning, Urbanism, and Smart Cities. I have expertise in Spatial Databases and Programming in GIS, and work experience in QGIS plugin development, Linux server administration, teaching, marketing data analysis, and land surveying.
Outside of work I am interested in sports, brewing espresso, and baking sourdough breads!

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Research code repositories

Ray Intersection Model (RIM) for analysing betweenness of three spatial objects - a Python package

Refined topological relations for line objects - a PostgreSQL function

QGIS3 Plugins

Interface Catchment (IC)


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